A Lawyer’s iPad Personal Journal

March 1, 2014 (I think I want an iPad)

I have decided to buy an iPad and use it in my practice. Our District Court now permits lawyers to bring electronic devices into the courthouse. I have my iPhone and it does permit me to keep track of email during downtime, but its practical use for other things is somewhat limited by its screen size and keypad. I am not exactly sure how I will use the iPad but I have to imagine it could be a practical tool and should not be much more difficult to operate than my iPhone. Of course, I have several buying questions and have asked other users but each has a different opinion. Someone suggested I attend a local iPLUG (iPad Lawyers Users’ Group) meeting before I purchase. There are none in my area but I did visit the iPLUG Delaware website which was very helpful. I plan on contacting one of the active lawyers in that group next week before I shop.

Let’s Get Started

I have discovered a new App which has very promising possibilities.  It is called HeyTell.  It creates a virtual walkie-talkie.  You can use it instead of texting or email.  It sends an instant voice message to another HeyTell user who can respond by voice.  And just like text messaging, it keeps a history of the entire thread.  I anticipate using it with my paralegals rather than emails.  It is a free App. Give it a try and comment to this post with your thoughts.


Welcome to iPlugDelaware!

Welcome to iPlugeDelaware

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