Welcome to iPlugDelaware!

Welcome to iPlugeDelaware

Welcome to iPlugDelaware, a place for members of the legal community to share, collaborate, question, and instruct on the use of mobile technology in our profession. We provide up-to-date news, reviews and commentary on developments surrounding the use of the iPad, iPhone and other mobile technologies. Although we are based in Delaware, the information on our site should be applicable for any attorney, paralegal, law student or Judge that wants to know more about the use of mobile technology in the practice of law.

Our readers help provide direction to us about the coverage we provide. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please use our contact form to communicate with us. If you are new to the use of the iPad, visit Steve’s Essential Apps for an overview of some of the most useful apps available for the iPad.

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  • Good Morning All – I say, “Good Morning” because I will be directing you to this post during our Tuesday December 18th iPlug meeting. By way of beginning, I would like to direct you to http://www.hypershop.com. This Internet store carries a number of accessories for the iPhone and iPad, including external batteries and what is called the iUSBPORT. This is a device which will permit the user to connect USB flash drives to the iPhone and iPad. I used it to review 400 documents last week in a privilege review and it was fabulous. The documents were retrieved from a law firm’s FTP site and saved onto a flash drive. I was able to access the flash drive from my iPad and review the documents in PDF Expert while making notes on my laptop. I found it very efficient.

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