Writing Aid – Great Definition or Synonym Tool


Thanks to the Loop ∞ for introducing me to Writing Aid, a real assist for writers. This is a simple iPhone app for defining words and providing synonyms.  Yes you can do this free online, but for $0.99 it is a nice app for anyone that does a lot of writing.  Check it out in the app store (this is an iPhone app, but will install on the iPad).

iPad Presentation Stand – Justand V2


Another cool product I learned about at ABA TechShow, the Just Stand Version 2 allows you to use your iPad as an elmo for presentations.  Thanks to Nerino Petro of the State Bar of Wisconsin for highlighting this product. Not only can you use apps for projecting documents on screen, this device doubles as a super sturdy stand for the iPad at a relatively inexpensive cost of $99.99. Great tool for an iPad litigator to add to their arsenal. 

Microsoft Promises Office for iPad Quick Iterations, Implies Printing Will be Available Soon

Microsoft provided a statement to PC World implying that feedback regarding missing iPad printing option will result in missing features being added in future versions. The statement by Microsoft notes the number of iterations that have been made since Office 365 was released (almost weekly), and promises “We’ll watch really closely and see how people are using these apps and you should expect us to iterate very fast.” See the PC World story for more details.

See my Word for iPad review for my initial thoughts about Microsoft Word for iPad.

15 Interesting iPhone Features

My wife  encountered an interesting post on her Facebook news feed–15 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do.  She asked me “Brian, do you think you know all of them?”  While I was confident, as we went through all 15, I discovered some interesting features I didn’t know about.

The post lists the features and then shows you how to use them.  One example, which I haven’t tested, is that your iPhone will charge twice as fast if you activate Airplane Mode while charging.  Check out the link to see what other features you might not know about.





Microsoft for iPad Review

Microsoft released Microsoft Office for the iPad earlier today. I have had an opportunity to download and use the apps, and have published an article on Mobile4Law.com with my initial thoughts.

To sum up my review, if you are a current Microsoft Word user, there is no reason not to download this app (after all it is free). If you are not an Office 365 subscriber the app will just allow you to view documents, but it is now officially the best Word Viewer I have found. As an added bonus, if you are an Office 365 subscriber you can also edit and create Word documents. (And if you need to create and edit documents on an iPad it may convince you to subscribe.)

Please see my review for more information:


It is Confirmed, Microsoft Office for iPad Available Today

Microsoft announced today the immediate availability of Microsoft Office for the iPad. GigaOm has a good overview of the new offering. (Office for iPad available today http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/OmMalik/~3/Wgc0cYZ-j4M/)

In addition to Microsoft Word, there are also Excel and PowerPoint apps. These are free to download and to use for viewing documents, but to edit you need a Microsoft 365 subscription.

I plan to download and review these apps as soon as they are live in the App Store. From the press briefing, these look like great contenders for content creation on the iPad. My only disappointment is the need for a subscription to use them. I wish Microsoft had done the unexpected and made these available as paid apps to truly compete with Apple’s equivalents.

Wordperfect for iPad Rumored to be Released Today

There is a rumor at ABA TechShow that WordPerfect is going to join the party today and release a full featured app for the iPad. I’ve checked Corel’s site and no info yet. I’ll update after any announcement is made. We also expect Microsoft to release a full featured Microsoft Word app today. Stay tuned!

Update (3-28-2014): despite indications that an announcement would be made by Corel around 10:00 am yesterday, nothing has been announced as of yet. From what I understand, this may not be a stand alone app, but may instead be a full-featured browser-based editor and viewer. I will keep my eyes open for any updates, and will post any news I hear!

Update (4-15-2014): WordPerfect X7 for the iPad is now available. See my review.

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