Presenting Wirelessly With An iPad: Bench and Bar 2014 Presentation Materials

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Yesterday I was privileged to speak at the Delaware State Bar Association’s Bench and Bar Conference. I focused my presentation on using the iPad to present wirelessly at trials or for presentations. I demonstrated for attendees how I use an iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Airport Express to display my iPad screen to attached displays.

Since this is a subject that our entire legal community at iPlug Delaware is likely interested in, I have made my presentation slides available for download. In the coming weeks, I will also release more in-depth articles explaining how to configure the devices I used in the slides to present in the same manner that I did.

I mentioned during my presentation, and I will again emphasize here, that the presentation was created entirely using my iPad. All images were acquired from apps within my iPad, and I never touched a desktop computer while creating the presentation. The only thing that I did on my desktop computer was use Adobe Acrobat to reduce the file size of the PDF.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the presentation, and look for future updates providing more explanation on how to configure all the devices I used for the presentation.

Presenting with the iPad

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