Parallels just made it easier to remotely access a computer from iPhones and Androids

I have been a long time user of Parallels on my MacBook. It is a great app that allows you to use all your Windows apps on your Mac based computer. One of the neat features of Parallels has been an immersion mode that allows you to run any of your Windows applications as if they were a Mac application. I have tried the Parallels Access app, and it tries to do a similar thing for the iPad and iPhone.

With the recently launched update, Parallels Access is now available on the iPad, the iPhone and on Android. You simply install the Access app on your mobile device, and then install the agent on your PC or Mac. You can access up to five computers with a Parallels Access subscription. A one year subscription is $19.99, or you can purchase 2 years for $29.99.

Once you install the app and the agent, you can remotely access your Windows or Mac applications directly on your iPad or iPhone. Unlike most desktop sharing apps (like GotoMyDesktop or LogMeIn), once you launch Parallels, you do not see your desktop, but instead you are presented with an App launcher. You can add any of your desktop applications to this launcher. Once you select the application, it launches full screen within the Parallels Access app. You never see the normal desktop interface. However there is an app switcher that lets you quickly switch to any of your other desktop applications that are running.

I find this to be a really interesting twist on the remote desktop apps, and definitely recommend giving it a try. A free two week trial is available, and the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are free to download.

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