Apple: We’ll ‘soon’ begin encrypting iCloud email in transit between providers

Disappointed to hear that Apple wasn’t already doing this. Glad that pressure is mounting against email providers to offer users more secured methods of communicating. This is especially important to the legal community. If you are a lawyer, make sure that any confidential information you send by email is using a service that provides end-to-end encryption,

June iPlug Delaware Meetings


June Meeting

Just a reminder that we will have our Delaware iPlug meetings next week. The Wilmington Meeting is Tuesday June 17th at 7:30 am at the Panera in the Fairfax shopping center in North Wilmington. The Dover iPlug meeting will be held at 8:30 am on Wednesday June 18th at 34 The Green in Dover. These meetings are open to the Delaware Legal Community, including lawyers, judges and legal staff that are interested in iPad and iPhone usage.

If you cannot make it to this month’s meeting, please subscribe to our site by adding your email address in the right column of our website. Once you are subscribed you will receive emails every time a new post is made to our site (including the monthly meeting reminders). Meeting are normally held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 am in Wilmington, and the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8:30 am in Dover.

This month, we plan to discuss iOS 8, the next version of the operating system for iPad and iPhone that is expected to be released in early Fall 2014. As usual, these meetings also provide attorneys with an opportunity to ask any questions that they have, or share suggestions on using the iPad or iPhone in the law practice. All experience levels are welcome, and you do not have to currently use an iPad or iPhone to attend.

If you have any specific questions or suggested topics for this meeting (or future meetings), please use our contact page to let us know. New faces are always welcome at our meetings, and normally meetings last about an hour.

iCloud Collaboration for Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Whats New

Last month Apple updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote to allow online collaboration between up to 100 users. With this update, you can now share your any document you create on iCloud and watch as another user makes edits. When sharing a document, you have the option of allow other users to just view the document, or to make edits. The individual that you share documents with does not have to have an iCloud account to view or edit the document. If more security is needed, you can even add password protection.

iCloud Sharing Options  Set Screen Name

Once you choose to share a document, you can send a link by email, or you can copy and paste the link to distribute in any other way that you choose. If you have your document open when another user logs in, you get to follow the edits that are made in real-time. If more than one user is in a document, you see each user represented by a different color. Users are prompted to enter their name when entering the document for the first time.

Collaborator 1st Screen

Apple did not create online collaboration in editing documents, but it is a nice free option that is available to any user of iCloud. To try these features, login to iCloud using a web browser at I have used the online collaboration to easily share documents with other attorneys during presentations, and for preparing for meetings with multiple individuals will be presenting.

Although this is a great free tool, there are some notable limitations. The biggest disappointment that I had when trying this feature is that “Track Changes” cannot be used when sharing your document. This means that if you are not logged in at the same time as other collaborators, you cannot easily determine the changes that were made since the last time you accessed your document (you are not even warned that changes were made). Also, if one user is on the iPhone or iPad, you do not see real-time changes. The iPad and iPhone do not continuously refresh with the cloud, so it is best to use the collaboration only on the web, or there will be a delay in seeing the updates (for me it took about 1 minute for any changes to promulgate between the web and my iPad).

For more information about cloud collaboration using the iWork cloud apps, please visit Apple’s website or login to iCloud and see help.


Presenting Wirelessly With An iPad: Bench and Bar 2014 Presentation Materials

Mobile Presentations Image

Yesterday I was privileged to speak at the Delaware State Bar Association’s Bench and Bar Conference. I focused my presentation on using the iPad to present wirelessly at trials or for presentations. I demonstrated for attendees how I use an iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Airport Express to display my iPad screen to attached displays.

Since this is a subject that our entire legal community at iPlug Delaware is likely interested in, I have made my presentation slides available for download. In the coming weeks, I will also release more in-depth articles explaining how to configure the devices I used in the slides to present in the same manner that I did.

I mentioned during my presentation, and I will again emphasize here, that the presentation was created entirely using my iPad. All images were acquired from apps within my iPad, and I never touched a desktop computer while creating the presentation. The only thing that I did on my desktop computer was use Adobe Acrobat to reduce the file size of the PDF.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the presentation, and look for future updates providing more explanation on how to configure all the devices I used for the presentation.

Presenting with the iPad

Apple Previews iOS 8 at WWDC 2014

iOS 8 Preview

Apple announced iOS 8 yesterday at the Worldwide Developers Conference (“WWDC”). iOS 8 is a free update that will be available in the fall for iPad 2 and newer and iPhone 4s and newer. According to Apple, iOS 8 is the biggest release since the App Store was launched.

Most notably, the new version of iOS 8 introduces iCloud Drive, a DropBox competitor that can be accessed by all apps on your device, enhancements to messaging (including the ability to reply to texts within the notification center or the lockscreen), predictive typing for the built-in iOS keyboard (allowing the keyboard to auto-complete your sentences), and app extensions that will allow you to even install a 3rd party keyboard on your iOS device.

In addition to the major additions noted above, iCloud Photo library has been enhanced to allow all of your photos to be stored on your iCloud account (instead of photo streams limitation of your last 1000 photos), the cost of buying additional storage on iCloud has been substantially reduced, group messaging has been enhanced to allow the sharing of time limited audio and video, and muting of conversations (or even exiting a conversation if it becomes too noisy).

The new version of iOS allows users more freedom that has ever been available without Jailbreaking your device. The app extensions allow developers to make it easier to share between apps, and to extend the capability of existing apps with ease. Examples shown during the keynote included the ability to pin an item to Pinterest without leaving the web browser, and to edit a photo using a third party app without physically leaving your camera roll. iCloud Drive for the first time provides a central location to share files with all apps on your device.

Other new capabilities of the operating system include Family Sharing (which allows you to share iTunes purchases, photos and calendars with other family members that use separate iTunes accounts), a new health app (that allows metrics from devices like Fitbit and Withings scales to be shared in one location), and HomeKit (that will allow home automation gear to be controlled from within a single application).

Although not all of these changes have uses that are pertinent to the practice of law, the app extensions should increase productivity and billable hours for most practicing attorneys. I am eagerly anticipating this release as a way to lure me back to using an iPhone as my primary mobile device.

For more information, view the 2 hour WWDC keynote video, or visit Redmond Pie for its iOS 8 walk-through.

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