iOS 7.1.2 Update Available to Patch Email Attachment Encryption Bug

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, it is time to fire up your Settings app again and do a software update. Apple has released iOS 7.1.2 which patches a bug that left attachments to your email without encryption. This means that if your password protected device was plugged into a desktop computer, any email attachments would be available without the normal encryption.

Although this is a relatively small bug for most, those in the legal community could face dire consequences if documents attached to your email could be easily accessed from a lost or stolen device. As always, this update is available over the air by going into settings, then general, and finally Software Update. Before updating it is important to have a backup of your device. I always recommend plugging into a computer and doing a local backup, but at least make sure your device has been backed up to iCloud recently.

Some users have experienced problems of their device freezing during installation. Redmond Pie has an article suggesting how to reset your device if you experience this issue.


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