TrialPad for iPad is on Sale for $49.99 until August 24, 2014

TrialPad 4.0 for the iPad is on sale for $49.99 from August 21, 2014 until Sunday August 24, 2014. This is a rare sale for one of the most expensive apps on my iPad. TrialPad normally retails for $89.99. In my prior reviews of this app, I indicated that for $89.99, I felt the app was overpriced. Although $49.99 is still steep, if you believe that you may have the need to combine all your trial materials in one app, you will probably want to purchase it while it is on sale.

This sale was announced by Lit Software to members of their email list. Lit Software also publishes the popular TranscriptPad app. TranscriptPad is not currently on sale, but if you want to be notified of future news related to either of these apps, it pays to join the Lit Software mailing list (there is a place to register your email address on the Lit Software homepage).

Follow the Apple App Store link to download TrialPad now. See my review on TrialPad 4 on my Mobile 4 Law blog.

wpid-Photo-20140712231940.jpgThis post was written by Steven Butler. Steven is a full-time Delaware attorney that limits his practice to Social Security Disability. Along with being a contributor for iPlugDelaware, he is a partner at Linarducci & Butler, PA.

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