About iPlugDelaware

iPlugDelaware is a users’ group for members of the Delaware Legal Community that are currently using, or interested in using an iPad in their practice. Meetings are held monthly in both Wilmington, Delaware and Dover, Delaware where lawyers, paralegals, and law students can meet and discuss the iPad, new Applications, and ethical implications of using an iPad professionally.

The meetings offer a relaxed atmosphere for members of the Delaware Legal Community to learn and share their experiences with the iPad. Meetings normally last only an hour, and are informal chats about current topics. Past meetings have included presentations and discussions of PDF annotating on the iPad, using the email app effectively, securing the iPad, transferring documents to the iPad, using dictation and Siri to transcribe your thoughts, and an overview of apps and accessories that make the iPad more useful for an attorney/lawyer.

Since the iPhone and iPad are so closely related, it is not abnormal for discussions at our meetings to also include current topics relevant to iPhone use. We discussing sharing documents between an iPad and iPhone, apps that will allow work on the iPhone when an iPad is not available, and using Siri for simplifying tasks.

In addition to the meetings, this website is setup to share current news about the iPad and apps that attorneys use in their practice. iPlugDelaware hopes to be the go to resource for providing up to the date information, news and resources for the Delaware Legal Community that uses an iPad and iPhone.

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