Notability Steps It Up

I have always been a fan of Notability as my go to note taking application. Now it just got better!!

The newest update to the program syncs audio recording with any user typing or WRITING. I often use my iPad to record certain meetings or depositions and take notes within Notability. Now when I go back and play the audio, it is in sync with notes, typed or handwritten. The best part is that when you click on something you wrote, it jumps to that part of the audio recording.

15 Interesting iPhone Features

My wife  encountered an interesting post on her Facebook news feed–15 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do.  She asked me “Brian, do you think you know all of them?”  While I was confident, as we went through all 15, I discovered some interesting features I didn’t know about.

The post lists the features and then shows you how to use them.  One example, which I haven’t tested, is that your iPhone will charge twice as fast if you activate Airplane Mode while charging.  Check out the link to see what other features you might not know about.




Where Can I Find Business iPad/iPhone Applications?

With over 800,000 applications available through iTunes, it is often overwhelming to browse through the App Store.  I have found that many of the applications that I use for work can be found under Apps at Work.

Some favorite applications of mine are:

iAnnotate PDF   – Powerful PDF annotation application

FlightTrack Pro – Flight updates and terminal maps for travelers.  Very useful in reducing cell phone waiting area time!

DocuSign Ink – Ability to sign documents and get signature easily.  I mainly use it to sign documents if I am out of the office and my signature is needed.

What are your favorite applications for business?  Please comment.

Welcome to iPlugDelaware!

Welcome to iPlugeDelaware

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