iPlugDelaware Wilmington Meeting on August 19, 2014 – Prepare your iPad for iOS 8

iPlug Delaware Wilmington Meeting will be held August 19, 2014 at 7:30 am

The Wilmington meeting for iPlug Delaware will be held on Tuesday August 19, 2014 at the Panera in Fairfax at 7:30 am. This month’s meeting will focus on preparing your iPad and iPhone for the upcoming release of iOS 8. We will discuss the models of iPhone and iPad that will receive the new version of the operating system when it is released next month, and how to determine if you have enough space on your device for the upgrade installation. If the space on your iPhone or iPad is limited, we will discuss services and methods to manage your space and backup your device.

iPad Usage

As always, our meetings are open to anyone in the legal community in Delaware (this includes lawyers, paralegals, judges, law students and other legal staff). Our meetings are held in the back room of the Panera at 2311 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803. The meetings usually last about 1 hour. Any experience level is welcome, including those that are just iPad curious and have not yet started using an iPad or iPhone. The meetings are informal, there is no cost or registration needed, and we encourage questions, comments, and suggestions from those in attendance. 

Dover iPlug will not meet this month, but if you are from Kent and Sussex County, please use the contact form to let us know if you would be interested in attending a virtual meeting online later this month. We have been experimenting with using Google Hangouts more with the site, and if there is sufficient interest, an online meeting will be scheduled. 

Wilmington iPlug meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. If you cannot make it to this month’s meeting, please set a reminder to join us next month. New faces are always welcome, as are suggestions for future meeting topics. 

iPlug Delaware Wilmington Meeting will be Tuesday July 15, 2014


Tomorrow, Tuesday July 15th, marks the third Tuesday of the month, which means it is time for iPlug Wilmington’s monthly meeting.  As always the meeting will start at 7:30 am in the back room of the Panera in Fairfax. The meeting will last approximately one hour.  This month we plan to focus on questions from the attendees and using basic features of the iPad. 

As a reminder these meetings are free to attend for members of the Delaware legal community, and no pre-registration is required.  These meetings serve as a great opportunity for attorneys to learn how to use the iPad and iPhone in practice, and to share their experience and knowledge with others in the Delaware legal community.  This is a casual meeting experience and open to all levels of expertise, even those that are not currently using an iPad or iPhone. 

If you have any area that has been causing you problems with your iPad or iPhone, or any suggestions for topics for this month’s meeting or future meetings, please use our contact page to let us know.  I look forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow’s meeting, and welcoming some new faces. 

June iPlug Delaware Meetings


June Meeting

Just a reminder that we will have our Delaware iPlug meetings next week. The Wilmington Meeting is Tuesday June 17th at 7:30 am at the Panera in the Fairfax shopping center in North Wilmington. The Dover iPlug meeting will be held at 8:30 am on Wednesday June 18th at 34 The Green in Dover. These meetings are open to the Delaware Legal Community, including lawyers, judges and legal staff that are interested in iPad and iPhone usage.

If you cannot make it to this month’s meeting, please subscribe to our site by adding your email address in the right column of our website. Once you are subscribed you will receive emails every time a new post is made to our site (including the monthly meeting reminders). Meeting are normally held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 am in Wilmington, and the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8:30 am in Dover.

This month, we plan to discuss iOS 8, the next version of the operating system for iPad and iPhone that is expected to be released in early Fall 2014. As usual, these meetings also provide attorneys with an opportunity to ask any questions that they have, or share suggestions on using the iPad or iPhone in the law practice. All experience levels are welcome, and you do not have to currently use an iPad or iPhone to attend.

If you have any specific questions or suggested topics for this meeting (or future meetings), please use our contact page to let us know. New faces are always welcome at our meetings, and normally meetings last about an hour.

Dover Delaware iPLUG Meeting Wednesday April 16th






For those of you that were not able to join the Wilmington Delaware iPLUG meeting earlier today, Richard Herrmann will be in Dover tomorrow morning at 8:30 am for the Dover Delaware iPLUG meeting. The meeting will be held at 34 The Green, Dover, Delaware. The meetings are free and open to all members of the Delaware Legal Community.

Richard will most likely discuss the new Microsoft Office for iPad suite of applications, and also respond to any questions from those joining the meeting. These meetings are a great opportunity for members of the legal community to learn more about using the iPad in the practice of law. We invite all levels of users to attend these free meetings. Even if you have not yet purchased an iPad, these meetings are a great opportunity to learn if your legal practice can be enhanced by using an iPad.

If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s meeting, remember that the Dover section of iPLUG meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 34 The Green. For regular announcements about future meetings, as well as relevant information about the iPhone and iPad, please subscribe for updates to our blog by entering your email address in the subscription section in the right side toolbar of the website.

Wilmington Delaware iPLUG Meeting April 15, 2014

What better way to celebrate Tax Day than meet with fellow members of the Delaware Legal Community for a meeting about the iPad? Bring your “tax-deductible business-expense” iPad with you along with questions that you may have on using the iPad in your legal practice (and please see your accountant before taking my advice on any tax issues!).

As usual, our meeting will be held at the Fairfax Panera Bread location (2311 Concord Pike), in the back room. The meeting will start at 7:30 am, but our organizer, Richard Herrmann, will be leaving us around 8:10 (along with our fancy projector). Although Richard is unable to stay as long as normal, I will be happy to stick around to answer questions or chat even without the ability to project my iPad.

I expect that there will be some discussion of the new Microsoft Office Suite for the iPad and the recent HeartBleed vulnerability that has been in the news. However, if you have not yet attended a meeting, there is also plenty of time for open discussion and questions about using an iPad in your Delaware legal practice. So, whether you are an expert at using your iPad, or you just are planning on spending your huge tax refund on a shiny new iPad Air, join us tomorrow, April 15, 2014, to discuss the iPad and the law.

If you cannot make tomorrow’s meeting, don’t worry, we do have meetings every month. Our current meeting schedule for Wilmington Delaware is the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 am. Our meetings are currently held at the Fairfax Panera, but please subscribe to our blog by adding your email address on the right side our page for regular updates.

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