Tips and Tricks to Get the Most out of your iPhone or iPad

No matter if you have been using your iPhone for days or for years, there are normally features you haven’t learned yet.  Macworld has an excellent list of 33 tips and tricks for iOS 7 that help you fully take advantage of all the features of your iPhone or iPad.

Have Battery Draining Problems on Your iPhone, this May Help

This is a great article from a former Apple Store Genius on troubleshooting battery drain issues on an iPhone.  Even if you are happy with your battery performance, these tips may provide you with some additional time between charges.

Thanks to Loop Insight for passing this article on.  A guide to solving iOS battery drain

15 Interesting iPhone Features

My wife  encountered an interesting post on her Facebook news feed–15 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do.  She asked me “Brian, do you think you know all of them?”  While I was confident, as we went through all 15, I discovered some interesting features I didn’t know about.

The post lists the features and then shows you how to use them.  One example, which I haven’t tested, is that your iPhone will charge twice as fast if you activate Airplane Mode while charging.  Check out the link to see what other features you might not know about.




Check Out Our Updated Links Section

If you are new to an iPad or iPhone, or you are just looking for more resources to further broaden your education, please check out our newly revised links section. There is a list of additional iPad/iPhone blogs, general technology blogs, legal podcasts, and technology podcasts that are all freely available.

If there is a website that you find useful, or a technology related podcast that you love, please feel free to let us know about it. We hope to continue to expand this list so that it remains a great resource for our readers.

Annotation Tip for PDFs

If you are looking for an easy way to annotate PDFs, keeps Stamps in mind. For example, in PDF Expert, you can create custom stamps with any combination of words you regularly use. By simply holding your finger on any area of the page, you will raise the stamp menu so that you can select the phrase you are looking to use. Each stamp can be dated and timed if you choose.

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