PDF Expert Now a Universal App for iPhone and iPad

Readdle, the maker of PDF Expert, recently updated¬†the iPad version of PDF Expert¬†to version 5.1. In addition to promised speed increase, the most notable addition is that the app is now universal. This means that if you buy (or have previously purchased) the iPad app, you also now receive the iPhone version. Continuous Scroll was also added to the newest version (meaning that you don’t have to wait for pages to load as you scroll larger documents).

PDF Expert has long been one of my favorite PDF annotation and editing apps, and this update makes it even easier to recommend. In addition to no longer needing to purchase a separate iPhone version of this app, Readdle promises that the iPhone version is just as powerful as the iPad one.

The only bad news is for users that previously used only the iPhone version, unfortunately that app has been retired and you will need to purchase the universal app for the new features. iPad users will receive a free update if they previously purchased PDF Expert 5.


Download PDF Expert 5.1 from the Apple App Store.