LIT Software Limited Time Sale on TrialPad and TranscriptPad Software

LIT Software has announced that their popular iPad apps, TrialPad and TranscriptPad, will be available at a reduced rate for the bundle of $139.99 from March 3, 2015 until March 6, 2015. These apps are usually sold for $89.99 each, so this represents a considerable discount on the combination of these apps. If you have been considering these apps and could use each of them, this is a great time to purchase the bundle. Unfortunately, if you have already purchased one, there is no discount to complete the bundle (disappointing that no discount is being offered for loyal users).

LIT Software Bundle

I have previously reviewed TrialPad on iPlugDelaware. The newest version is nice, but still has some limitations. I am hopeful that future versions will continue to be made available for free to current purchasers, and will add features that will also allow TrialPad to replace the need for separate PDF annotation software.

Download the bundle now from the App Store:

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Apps that I am Currently Using

Apple released a new feature with iOS 8 that lets you see the battery usage of apps installed on your device. The great thing about this feature is that it lets the user determine what apps are actually being used on a frequent basis. It is a great trouble-shooting tool when you notice your battery charge is not lasting as long as it used to, or a productivity tool to help you understand where you are wasting too much time.

Here is a screen shot of my current iPhone 6 Plus App battery usage for the last 7 days:

iPhone 6 Battery Usage 2-26-15

You can see that currently Newsify is using almost a quarter of my battery life over the last 7 days. This seems accurate to me as I frequently use my phone to check the latest technology, Social Security, local, and national news. Outlook and Chrome follow with about 10% battery usage each, and my lock screen also takes about the same amount of my battery (mainly because of notifications throughout the day). Although PocketCasts is probably my most used app, since I use it mainly in my car and at home to listen to podcasts, I usually have my phone plugged in while this app is being used. (Battery usage does not provide any stats on energy being used by apps while your device is plugged in).

For me the main surprise when I review my battery usage is how few apps I am actually using on my phone over the course of a week. It does not appear that any of my apps are using a disproportional amount of my battery, and it appears that I use my iPhone mainly to stay up-to-date on current news, read email, surf the web, and listen to podcasts.

Once you get past my top 8 apps, it looks like the remainder of the apps barely have any impact on my battery usage. Here is the second screen showing my remaining battery usage (notice that basically every app on this screen only uses 1% of my battery life):

iPhone 6 Battery Usage 2-26-15 Page 2The surprising part for me is how efficiently most apps installed on my device use my battery. I use Fitbit everyday and have it set to sync with my Fitbit One throughout the day. Despite always running, this app uses only 1% of my battery over the course of a week. Wink and Kevo are mainly used for home automation, and although I open up Wink 5-10 times per day, it has no noticeable impact on my battery life (OnSwitch, Acme, and Kohl’s, all of which I rarely open, seem to use the same amount of battery or more). Even Facebook and Twitter, that send me background notifications throughout the day, have little to no impact on my iPhone battery life.

Beyond troubleshooting bad battery life on your device, the battery usage screen is a great tool to understanding what is happening on your device on a daily basis. Just reviewing these stats again today has made me question why OnSwitch, Acme and Kohl’s are using any of my battery life at all (I don’t think I have opened Kohl’s since I installed it). It also helps you determine which apps can be deleted from your phone if you notice you are low on space. Despite having 384 applications installed on my iPhone, I only have used 25 user-installed apps in the past week.

To determine which of your apps are using your battery life, open up the “Settings” app, select “General”, then “Usage”, and finally “Battery Usage”. Battery Usage stats were introduced in iOS 8, so if you are using an earlier version of iOS, you will not have the option of reviewing your battery usage.

Steven Butler EsquireThis post was written by Steven Butler. Steven is a full-time Delaware attorney that limits his practice to Social Security Disability. Along with being a contributor for iPlugDelaware, he is a partner at Linarducci & Butler, PA.

The Meaning of App Icon Statuses on iOS

2014-06-23 14.04.39

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your App icons look different on your iPad or iPhone? Sometimes the apps cannot be launched, or will have a little blue circle next to the app name. Normally when you see these differences, it is because your App is in the process of being installed, updated, or have just completed a new update. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a great article explaining just what those different App icons mean.

WordPerfect X7 for iPad Currently Available

2014-04-15 17.05.43











I previously had posted on a rumor that I had heard that Corel would be releasing a version of WordPerfect for the iPad. My sources had indicated that WordPerfect for the iPad would be released at the end of March 2014 (the same day that Microsoft released Office for the iPad). Although WordPerfect was not released when I expected, it was finally released on April 8, 2014, along with the release of WordPerfect Office X7.

Unfortunately WordPerfect for the iPad cannot be described as a stand-alone application. In reality it is simply a virtualized version of WordPerfect X7. During inactivity, I discovered that Corel is offering their product using a virtual desktop on Microsoft Server 2012. If you have used OnLive Desktop or CloudOn to access Microsoft Office on the iPad, this “app” uses the same type of technology.

This means that you are using an actual full desktop version of WordPerfect on your iPad, and not an app that was created specifically for a touch-interface of the iPad. Although the positive side is that you get to use every feature of WordPerfect, and have 100% format compatibility, the app suffers greatly from usability issues. For example selecting menus sometimes took 3-4 tries with my average size hands, and clicking on the toolbar drop-down menus was nearly impossible without accidentally applying the wrong formatting.

To get to the numbered list options, you have to actually touch that tiny down arrow on the toolbar!

To get to the numbered list options, you have to actually touch that tiny down arrow on the toolbar!









Additionally, the app will not work without an internet connection. According to the Apple App Store description:

“This virtualized desktop companion requires you to be connected to the Internet. During the trial period we recommend you connect to the internet through Wi-Fi for enhanced performance.”

The reason that Wi-Fi is recommended, is that performance can be an issue over a cellular connection, and you will be using your data allowance if you connect using cellular. This also means that if you do not have internet access, this app is useless, or even worse if you lose a connection while editing a document, you cannot continue to work and can possibly lose your work.

I wish I could say that the disappointment ended there. Since this is a virtualized desktop running WordPerfect, you cannot use the iPad’s “Open In” options to launch WordPerfect from an email or other app. This means that when I have a WordPerfect document as an attachment in email or saved on a cloud service, I was not able to launch that document using WordPerfect for the iPad.

Who am I giving access to my DropBox folders?

Who am I giving access to my DropBox folders?










The only method that I could find to get documents into WordPerfect was to associate your DropBox account within the virtualized desktop environment. Since this would establish an instance of my DropBox running within a virtualized desktop on a server that I have no control over, I did not personally feel confident associating my DropBox account with this app. (Documents cannot even be side-loaded into the WordPerfect app using iTunes).

You are warned that this is a cloud-based app, and it will not even always be available.

You are warned that this is a cloud-based app, and it will not even always be available.












WordPerfect X7 for the iPad is listed in the press release as being a free offering alongside the purchase of the new WordPerfect X7 Office suite, however, in the app store description, it is indicated that “Availability is limited”. This means that if you require use of the app, it is important that you download it immediately and register an account to use it. I am assuming that the reason that availability is limited is because a license must be purchased from Microsoft for every user (since it is running on Microsoft Server 2012). Although it is indicated that you must have WordPerfect X7 on your desktop to use this product, when you register to use the iPad app, you are not required to proof that you have a registered copy of WordPerfect Office X7 (this means that as of right now anyone can actually register an account and use this app).

I wish I could say that I recommend this app, but I simply cannot. It was actually painful to use it. None of the iPad keyboard shortcuts work on this app (like double-tapping the space bar for a period), and misspelled words are not auto-corrected. Selecting text was incredibly difficult and I was unable to finish a one page document without several disconnections and a timeout. Since I failed to save before one of the disconnections, I even experienced loss of my work. I also repeatedly noticed keyboard lag even on a high-speed WiFi connection.

I personally find this “app” an embarrassment to Corel. Considering that Microsoft took so long to develop and release Word for the iPad, Corel was given an ideal opportunity to actually become relevant again. Had Corel focused on making a true competitor for Pages and Word on the iPad, it is possible that they could have even converted desktop users by showing how good of a product they had. Instead, I think they have shown those remaining WordPerfect users, the time has finally come to abandon this app.

For now, I recommend that most users consider Microsoft Word for the iPad, even if it does mean purchasing an Office 365 subscription. If you simply cannot justify a subscription to Office 365, Pages is a quality full-featured word processor, just be aware that there will be some compatibility issues if you use Microsoft Word on your desktop.

Download WordPerfect X7 Companion App for iPad.

Notability Steps It Up

I have always been a fan of Notability as my go to note taking application. Now it just got better!!

The newest update to the program syncs audio recording with any user typing or WRITING. I often use my iPad to record certain meetings or depositions and take notes within Notability. Now when I go back and play the audio, it is in sync with notes, typed or handwritten. The best part is that when you click on something you wrote, it jumps to that part of the audio recording.

Writing Aid – Great Definition or Synonym Tool


Thanks to the Loop ∞ for introducing me to Writing Aid, a real assist for writers. This is a simple iPhone app for defining words and providing synonyms.  Yes you can do this free online, but for $0.99 it is a nice app for anyone that does a lot of writing.  Check it out in the app store (this is an iPhone app, but will install on the iPad).

Microsoft for iPad Review

Microsoft released Microsoft Office for the iPad earlier today. I have had an opportunity to download and use the apps, and have published an article on with my initial thoughts.

To sum up my review, if you are a current Microsoft Word user, there is no reason not to download this app (after all it is free). If you are not an Office 365 subscriber the app will just allow you to view documents, but it is now officially the best Word Viewer I have found. As an added bonus, if you are an Office 365 subscriber you can also edit and create Word documents. (And if you need to create and edit documents on an iPad it may convince you to subscribe.)

Please see my review for more information:

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