Where Can I Find Business iPad/iPhone Applications?

With over 800,000 applications available through iTunes, it is often overwhelming to browse through the App Store.  I have found that many of the applications that I use for work can be found under Apps at Work.

Some favorite applications of mine are:

iAnnotate PDF   – Powerful PDF annotation application

FlightTrack Pro – Flight updates and terminal maps for travelers.  Very useful in reducing cell phone waiting area time!

DocuSign Ink – Ability to sign documents and get signature easily.  I mainly use it to sign documents if I am out of the office and my signature is needed.

What are your favorite applications for business?  Please comment.

Let’s Get Started

I have discovered a new App which has very promising possibilities.  It is called HeyTell.  It creates a virtual walkie-talkie.  You can use it instead of texting or email.  It sends an instant voice message to another HeyTell user who can respond by voice.  And just like text messaging, it keeps a history of the entire thread.  I anticipate using it with my paralegals rather than emails.  It is a free App. Give it a try and comment to this post with your thoughts.


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