Another Week, Another iOS Security Bug

Today another reminder has come that your telephone operating system is never as secure as you may think it is. 9To5 Mac has a story indicating that a security researcher has discovered that several versions of iOS 7 (including the current version 7.1.1), are not encrypting email attachments in the bundled Mail application. This is a major issue, because adding a passcode to your iPhone or iPad, is supposed to add this extra layer of security to your attachments.

What this means to the end-user in the legal community, is that it is possible that if your device falls in the wrong hands, your attachments may be accessible even if your device is password-protected. There does not appear to be any solution to this issue at this time. The security researcher, Andreas Kurtz, reached out to Apple and it claims to be aware of the issue, but has not indicated when a fix would be issued.

In the meantime, be careful if you are using a corporate, Government or personal email account on your device, and you are exchanging documents with confidential information.

Another Good Reason to Password Protect Your iPad/iPhone


9 to 5 Mac details an iOS 7 bug that allows anyone to disable Find My iPhone and bypass Activation Lock without a password

The good news about this new security risk is that it only works if you do not have a password setup on your iPhone or iPad.  Even if your device is unlocked, on reboot the unauthorized user would need to enter a password. The moral of the story, Password Protect Your Device!