iOS 9 and watchOS 2 Due to Be Released This Afternoon

Apple’s previously announced updates for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are supposed to be released later today (September 16, 2015). iOS 9 is a new update for all iPad 2 or newer devices and iPhone 4s and newer devices. The Apple Watch will receive its first major software update since being released with watchOS 2. These updates are normally available for download beginning around 1:00 pm eastern time.

It is important that your current devices are cleaned up and ready for the new update. I usually recommend that you apply all App updates from the App Store before installing new versions of iOS. It is also important that you have backups of your devices. I recommend doing both an iCloud backup, and more importantly, plugging your device into your computer and doing an iTunes backup (if for any reason you need to restore your backup, iTunes normally takes only a couple hours at most, where iCloud restore can take multiple days).

Most Apple major software updates have had some issues for early adopters. If there is no killer feature that you absolutely need to have immediately, it is normally a good idea to wait 48 hours after iOS 9 is released before installing. Normally, if there is any major issues, you should hear about them by that time.

Stay tuned to iPlugDelaware for more details about iOS 9 and watchOS 2 after they are released later today.