iStick is a USB Thumbdrive for iPhone and iPad


iStick is a crowd funded USB thumb drive that bills itself as the world’s first thumb drive to have a lightning connector port compatible with recent iPads and iPhones.  The idea behind the device is that you can easily plug it into your desktop or laptop and transfer files to the iStick and then with the slide of a switch you will be able to use it on your iPhone or iPad. 

Walt Mossberg of Re/code recently reviewed the iStick and came away mostly impressed.  The difficulty with the device, as noted by Mossberg is that you cannot natively access files stored on the iStick from the specific app you want to use.  Instead you download an app made for the iStick and browse the file within the iStick app, and use the iOS open in feature to launch the file in the app you want to use. 

The iStick may be a convenient way to access files quickly on your iPad or iPhone, but it won’t be cheap. Retail pricing ranges from $129 for an 8gb model to $399 for a 128gb iStick.  Attorneys should also be concerned about the security of the device.  IStick has promised a 4 digit pin code to start, but there is no mention of encryption.  Since this is a small device that can easily be lost or stolen, this is an important feature that attorneys and legal IT departments should demand and may require. 

The iStick is expected to begin shipping to backers within the next 30 days, with mass production to follow.  It will be an interesting item to check in on when it is available in its final form.