LIT Software Limited Time Sale on TrialPad and TranscriptPad Software

LIT Software has announced that their popular iPad apps, TrialPad and TranscriptPad, will be available at a reduced rate for the bundle of $139.99 from March 3, 2015 until March 6, 2015. These apps are usually sold for $89.99 each, so this represents a considerable discount on the combination of these apps. If you have been considering these apps and could use each of them, this is a great time to purchase the bundle. Unfortunately, if you have already purchased one, there is no discount to complete the bundle (disappointing that no discount is being offered for loyal users).

LIT Software Bundle

I have previously reviewed TrialPad on iPlugDelaware. The newest version is nice, but still has some limitations. I am hopeful that future versions will continue to be made available for free to current purchasers, and will add features that will also allow TrialPad to replace the need for separate PDF annotation software.

Download the bundle now from the App Store:

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Presenting Wirelessly With An iPad: Bench and Bar 2014 Presentation Materials

Mobile Presentations Image

Yesterday I was privileged to speak at the Delaware State Bar Association’s Bench and Bar Conference. I focused my presentation on using the iPad to present wirelessly at trials or for presentations. I demonstrated for attendees how I use an iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Airport Express to display my iPad screen to attached displays.

Since this is a subject that our entire legal community at iPlug Delaware is likely interested in, I have made my presentation slides available for download. In the coming weeks, I will also release more in-depth articles explaining how to configure the devices I used in the slides to present in the same manner that I did.

I mentioned during my presentation, and I will again emphasize here, that the presentation was created entirely using my iPad. All images were acquired from apps within my iPad, and I never touched a desktop computer while creating the presentation. The only thing that I did on my desktop computer was use Adobe Acrobat to reduce the file size of the PDF.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the presentation, and look for future updates providing more explanation on how to configure all the devices I used for the presentation.

Presenting with the iPad

TrialPad 4.0 Released (On Sale Until March 28th)


Lit Software is planning on officially introducing TrialPad 4.0 at the ABA TechShow in Chicago tomorrow, but since this upgrade will not be available for free for existing users, they have made it available at a special price of $49.99 for a pre-launch sale until March 28th, 2014. Beginning March 29th, TrialPad will return to its usual price of $89.99.

The new version of TrialPad has been totally redesigned for iOS 7 with a more intuitive interface that is easier to use. It has been optimized to take advantage of the new processor in the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina, and has improved memory optimization for all. Navigation has been improved, and evidence reports are now created within the case.

New features include a powerful search tool, thumbnail previews of evidence, customizable exhibit stickers, admitted label to track documents during trial, and new sorting options. Overall this is a big release for Lit Software and the reason that the upgrade is not free for existing users.

I have never been a big fan of TrialPad, but for litigators using the iPad in the Courtroom, this is currently the go to app. If you have been wanting to try out TrialPad, I recommend doing so now at the special introductory price of $49.99. I have downloaded and will give more thoughts after I have had a chance to use it.

TranscriptPad is also on sale for $49.99 until March 28th. TranscriptPad also is normally $89.99. It has not received the same massive upgrade recently, but Lit Software promises exciting new features and improvements that will be available as free updates over the next few months. If you have been wanting to try out TranscriptPad, her is your chance at a very special price. (TranscriptPad will work only with ASCII in TXT format transcripts. It cannot read or use Word documents or PDFs.)

I will be at the ABA TechShow this week and I expect to more information on both of these products.