iPlugDelaware Meeting – Tuesday September 15, 2015 – Here Comes iOS 9

September 15 2015 iPlug Delaware MeetingiPlugDelaware’s September meeting will be held on Tuesday September 15, 2015 at 7:30 am at the Panera Bread in Fairfax Shopping Center (2311 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803). The meeting will be in the community room in the back of the restaurant. Meetings last about an hour and are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings are free to attend and are open to anyone in the legal community.

Meeting Agenda:

If you have not attended a meeting before, they are a great place to learn about features of mobile devices that can help make you more productive. All meetings are interactive and provide those attending with an opportunity to ask questions or demonstrate apps or devices that they use in practice. Although a large focus of the meetings are on Apple devices and services, our meetings are used as an opportunity to learn about all relevant mobile devices and technologies and frequently include discussion of Microsoft Windows based devices, Google Android devices, and wearables that are used by those attending the meeting.

We look forward to seeing some new faces at our meeting, and will be happy to address any questions or concerns about using mobile devices. If you would like anything to be added to our agenda, please let us know on our Facebook Page or through Twitter.

iPlug Delaware Wilmington iPad User Group Meeting Tuesday October 21st

Tomorrow, Tuesday October 21, 2014 is the third Tuesday of October, so that could only mean one thing, it is time for this month’s iPlug Delaware Wilmington Meeting. As always, the meeting will be start at 7:30 am and be held in the backroom of the Panera’s in Fairfax. These meetings are open to members of the Delaware Legal Community (including lawyers, judges, paralegals, and other law firm staff), and offer a friendly environment to discuss using the iPad and iPhone in your legal practice. The meeting generally last about 1 hour, and attendee interaction is strongly encouraged.

At this month’s meeting, we plan to discuss the release of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 3. Topics will also include the release and new features found in iOS 8 and 8.1 and the use of TouchID in third party applications. Since this is a user group, any general questions or concerns of those attending will be addressed.

If you have not yet attended a Wilmington iPlug meeting, please stop by. No pre-registration is needed and there is no cost to attend. All you have to do is show up and look for the projector that is setup at the back of the restaurant. Panera in Fairfax is located at 2311 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE.

Unfortunately, the Dover iPlug meeting will not be held this month. If you have any suggestions for this meeting, or future meetings, please use our contact form.

iPlugDelaware Wilmington Meeting on August 19, 2014 – Prepare your iPad for iOS 8

iPlug Delaware Wilmington Meeting will be held August 19, 2014 at 7:30 am

The Wilmington meeting for iPlug Delaware will be held on Tuesday August 19, 2014 at the Panera in Fairfax at 7:30 am. This month’s meeting will focus on preparing your iPad and iPhone for the upcoming release of iOS 8. We will discuss the models of iPhone and iPad that will receive the new version of the operating system when it is released next month, and how to determine if you have enough space on your device for the upgrade installation. If the space on your iPhone or iPad is limited, we will discuss services and methods to manage your space and backup your device.

iPad Usage

As always, our meetings are open to anyone in the legal community in Delaware (this includes lawyers, paralegals, judges, law students and other legal staff). Our meetings are held in the back room of the Panera at 2311 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803. The meetings usually last about 1 hour. Any experience level is welcome, including those that are just iPad curious and have not yet started using an iPad or iPhone. The meetings are informal, there is no cost or registration needed, and we encourage questions, comments, and suggestions from those in attendance. 

Dover iPlug will not meet this month, but if you are from Kent and Sussex County, please use the contact form to let us know if you would be interested in attending a virtual meeting online later this month. We have been experimenting with using Google Hangouts more with the site, and if there is sufficient interest, an online meeting will be scheduled. 

Wilmington iPlug meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. If you cannot make it to this month’s meeting, please set a reminder to join us next month. New faces are always welcome, as are suggestions for future meeting topics. 

iPlug Delaware Wilmington Meeting will be Tuesday July 15, 2014


Tomorrow, Tuesday July 15th, marks the third Tuesday of the month, which means it is time for iPlug Wilmington’s monthly meeting.  As always the meeting will start at 7:30 am in the back room of the Panera in Fairfax. The meeting will last approximately one hour.  This month we plan to focus on questions from the attendees and using basic features of the iPad. 

As a reminder these meetings are free to attend for members of the Delaware legal community, and no pre-registration is required.  These meetings serve as a great opportunity for attorneys to learn how to use the iPad and iPhone in practice, and to share their experience and knowledge with others in the Delaware legal community.  This is a casual meeting experience and open to all levels of expertise, even those that are not currently using an iPad or iPhone. 

If you have any area that has been causing you problems with your iPad or iPhone, or any suggestions for topics for this month’s meeting or future meetings, please use our contact page to let us know.  I look forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow’s meeting, and welcoming some new faces.